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How to Choose A Kayak Paddle

How to Choose A Kayak Paddle

Choosing a kayak paddle can become a very tough job for some people. Like selecting a kayak, choosing a paddle is crucial because you will be using the kayak paddle to steer and operate your kayak. So, knowing exactly how…

10 Different Types of Fishing Kayaks

Types of Fishing Kayaks

Kayaks are simply wonderful pieces of watercraft. By the way, you will find different types of kayaks in the market. The simplicity of the design enables anyone to make changes to a kayak according to their preferences. Depending on what…

Canoe vs Kayak: Differences And Benefits

Canoe Vs. Rowboat

For water sports lovers, canoe and kayak both are exciting and adventurous. But these both are not the same. There are several district differences between them. Identifying the differences between canoe and kayak seems difficult for beginners. Then what are the…