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How to Plan a Kayak Camping Trip

How to Plan a Kayak Camping Trip – What to Know and How to Prepare

Never done kayak camping? So, planning for the first time? Well, it’s a great adventure! Kayaking will give you the vibe of the Jungle Book movie! The super cool blue water and river islands will mesmerize you for sure! No reason to be late! Just take your paddles and begin the journey!

Here, we’ll discuss how to plan a kayak camping trip - tips and other benefits.

How to Plan a Kayak Camping Trip - What to Know and How to Prepare

In this guide, we’ll try to provide you with the best information on how to plan a kayak camping trip. It’ll be a fun ride! At first, you’ve to know certain things before packing. Here are a few hacks you should check -

Figure out the Destination

Take a map and figure out what’s your destination for kayaking. Which river have you selected for kayaking? Which lake are you going to explore? Moreover, kayaking is like hiking. You’ve to plan adequately for this trip just like that.

Yeah, you will paddle for your destination, unlike hitting the trail, but still need a proper plan. Think thoroughly from where you’ll begin. Further, you need to think about where you’ll spend the night, how to use the washroom, etc. Note all these things and then move with your plan.

Check out the Weather Conditions

This is a big decision. You’ve to check out the weather carefully. Also, closely check the forecast. Yes, weather conditions could change at any time. But, it’s a good idea to check out till the last second. If there’s a possibility of bad weather, skip the plan.

You should check the weather frequently before the plan a kayak camping trip. It will be smarter.

Plan Your Gadgets

There won’t be such an ample space you’ll get during kayaking. So, try to accommodate the tiny space with the necessary items. Remember that a simple gadget can make a huge difference. Your whole trip could be unsuccessful for that.

So, check out the gadgets gingerly before making your way out for the trip.

Think About Food and Natural Works

You’ll have to do hard work, right? Can you do it without eating food?! Hell, no! Food should be easily packed without spoiling. Based on how many days/nights you will stay, you should plan your food and meal accordingly. Better try to pack more food.

Further, you’ve to think about natural works too! The reason is you won't always find a proper washroom while kayaking! So, taking poop tubes is an excellent thing at all.

Set a Shuttle

Ah, it’s not so important always. However, if you’re preparing for running a river or paddling from point to point, you’ll need it. Some river trips will offer you a shuttle service. You can take it for free. But, it would be good if you take a Vallado bottle for your shuttle driver!

How to Pack for a Kayak Camping Trip - Important Tips

Packing is such a swift process. You need to keep your eyes open to complete this procedure correctly. Here’s some advice from us -

Balance the Pack

The best thing you can do is keep the heaviest items closer to you. On the other hand, keep the softest products farthest away. It will keep the boat in a sheer balance. Moreover, it gives stability. For instance, keep the heatproof layers and sleeping gadgets in the far front or backside of the boat.

Then, you can keep the clothing items a little bit closer. Afterward, conserve the heavy items like food bags or kitchen things closer to your person.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are necessary things. If you want to keep your mobile phone or other essential electric items, a dry bag is a perfect product. Hence, it can safeguard all the items in a sophisticated way.

Pack Light

Adventure in a Harry Potter’s wizard world?! Sounds weird, right?! Oh, no! It’s not that tricky! But, you’ve to be prepared. You could feel awkward with a heavier bag. For this reason, you should use a pack light. It could give you flexibility.

Kayak Restoring Gadget

What will happen if your kayak gets punctured or leaks midway? You guys will be utterly disgusted for sure. To avoid this situation, take kayak repair kits with you. They’re lightweight and productive.

Water Shoes

They are like blood diamonds when you are out kayaking! Suitable water shoes are very much needed. For kayak camping, better search for a hiking sneaker. They can deliver superb performance.

Take Kayak Seat

You’ve to kayak for a long time, right? To do it perfectly, take a comfortable kayak seat with you. Additionally, it will assist you in paddling without hassle.

Now, you’re ready to pack. But, before that, check everything twice. Besides, we want to give you some more friendly advice apart from these things. You should be careful about local wildlife, keep your body hydrated to do hard work, and keep safe the kayak during camping overnight.

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What to Pack to Plan a Kayak Camping Trip

We’ve noted down a list of necessary items below. Let’s read out the vast list of camping equipment to make a plan for a kayak camping trip.

Survival Gadgets

  • Spacious Tent: Choose a spacious and suitable for long-range paddling kayak.
  • Lightweight Tent: Try to bring a lightweight and waterproof tent. It will lower your burden immensely.
  • Sleeping Devices: You should take a sleeping bag, pad, and pillow. Besides, they should be thick and waterproof.
  • Dry Clothes: Try to bring dry clothes with you. They would be helpful if rain comes.
  • Safety Gear: Take penlight, knife, Savlon, and other firsthand kits.
  • Personal Items: Please take a power bank, body wash, torchlight, binocular, etc. things.

Cooking Equipment

  • Camping Stove: It's better to light up the place. It will bring fun and joy. Moreover, it also gives protection.
  • Camping Food: Take food that is suitable for camping. It would be good not to overeat heavy foods. Hence, you’ve to choose those foods which can keep adequate calories in your body. We suggest taking frozen meat, vegetables, milk, juice, etc. things with you.
  • Beverage: Get up early in the morning and then what? You need a flexible body to start your journey.
  • Tea and coffee: are a must in such a case. Further, you can take Organic Coffee K-Cup to keep your body fresh after a long time of paddling.
  • Benefits of Kayaking: The whole thing looks so thrilling. But, is it real? The answer is yes, yes, and yes! Here are some benefits of kayaking -
  • Reduce Stress: It’s proved that staying a long-time in nature will reduce stress significantly. Additionally, it also enhances mental wellbeing. The physical challenge can destroy mental sickness or pain.
  • Explore Distant Places: Want to explore the earth like Jurassic World?! Hit the water. You can go to some remote places only through the waters. Hence, this is a unique and sophisticated way to explore nature. You will get some incredible memory to tell your grandchildren!
  • Mental Dose: Want to become sharper and strong mentally? Go to profound nature. The various challenges will make you stronger. In addition, nature is like a blue pill for mental sustainability.


And, we’re at the endpoint of our journey! Don’t overthink on to plan a kayak camping trip. There’s nothing to fear. Hence, take the first step and things will follow after that. Be brave and start paddling. Enjoy the life and journey!

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