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How To Store A Kayak Properly

How To Store A Kayak Properly

So, the sun is shining after a sheer winter! The spring breeze is flowing along with a beautiful sun over your head. What’s then? Yeah, it’s time for kayaking! But, before buying a kayak, you need to think about how to store it. It’s no secret that you won’t use it all day long. So, what will you do when you’re not using it?

It’s a very important question. Storing a kayak is such a challenging task. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll have to suffer for that. As a result, we’ve prepared this article. Here, we will discuss how to store a kayak. Let’s start the discussion -

How To Store A Kayak Correctly

It is inevitable that if you don’t store the kayak ideally, there’s a big possibility it will get damaged. If your lovely kayak’s condition gets worse, you won’t surely like that. So, you have to know how to store it. To avoid bad luck with the kayak, we’ve presented in-depth research on this matter.

We hope you’ll be able to ride on the water and have some good adventures with your beloved kayak by following our instructions. However, before storing a kayak, you’ve to prepare for storage. Let’s check out some simple steps -

Choose a perfect spot

At first, select a good spot to keep the kayak. This is the first attempt to keep it protected. You have to choose a place where the direct sunlight doesn’t come. Moreover, you need to find a suitable area where rain or snowfall can’t make a profound impact.

Don’t put the stuff in a congested place. Select a bigger space. So, you will be able to bring in and out the kayak without a problem.

Cleanse it

Before using it, wash the whole thing with a clean towel. After using, clean the device in a suitable way. You can use a cleaner to do this. After that, you have to make sure that no residue, debris is left on the kayak. Clean all the dirty and oily things from both inside and outside.

After cleaning, take a soft towel and dry the thing altogether. Water can cause enormous harm to the kayak.


It doesn’t matter whether you want to store the kayak inside or outside, this is an essential thing to purchase a cover. Covers can help protect the kayak from moisture.

Bring in and out carefully

If you prefer internal storage for your kayak, you should care for the device when you bring it in and out from the warehouse. You have to do the task carefully.

There are two ways to store kayak. One is outdoor and another is the indoor system.

Storing Outdoors

The truth is storing a kayak in an outdoor place is never a good thing. But, sometimes, there’s no other way. You have to do it because of a lack of options.

Here, we are giving a few options that could be useful to you.

Heavy Duty Tarps

When you decide to use heavy duty tarps to protect your tent, you should do specific tasks. You have to cover the whole area with tarps. Additionally, you should ensure that not a single space is empty. Cover the entire place.

It will protect the tool from excessive sunlight and moisture that could be harmful to the kayak’s body.

Kayak Tent

A Kayak tent is a great solution indeed. It would be a smart job if you built a vertical A-shaped size to protect the kayak tent. As a result, your kayak will be safe from the powerful beams. For this reason, your kayak will stay intact.

Seahorse Method

This is another excellent method to protect the kayak outdoor. You can build it outside under a tarp. As a result, your device will be safe from direct sunlight and other worse climatic conditions. But, you have to do it seaside. Therefore, you will need permission from the sea authority.

Storing Indoors

Sometimes, people prefer to keep the kayak outdoor. However, it is not a good solution. But, they have to do it anyway. In a word, storing indoors is the most suitable solution.

Here, we will talk about some indoor storage methods. Take a look -

Kayak Racks

There are various wooden kayak racks are available on the market. If you want to reach your racks easily, this is such a superb way. Perhaps, they will make you disappointed when it comes to the matter of saving spaces. But, we can assure you that it will be an awesome investment.

Suspended Storage

Hanging your kayak is a fantastic way to save a lot of space. If you find out that ceiling sets in a much higher position, then there’s no problem with it.

You should attach an elevator to make things easy. As a result, you will have the chance to up and down the kayak at any time. This is undoubtedly an ideal choice to store your kayak in a suspended garage.


Wall-mounted cradles are one of the most popular and versatile ways to store kayaks. On top of that, the cradles give a good advantage. It can assist the kayak’s weight in a greater way. Moreover, you will have to think about how high you want to store the kayak.

Higher racks will give you the advantage of storing various items on the downside. The hangers height is dependant on you. It will also hinge on what amount of kayak you decide to mount and what kinds of things you will keep in the downside.

One thing is, the higher the kayak, the more effort to hoist the boat into position. In whatever way, some wall-mounted racks can even be capable of keeping two or more kayaks.

Overhead Pulley System

This method will allow you to store up your kayak. You can purchase it from the shop. Additionally, this system comes with various kinds of hardware.

Portable Stands

This is the most convenient style of storing a kayak. Yes, they will hog more spaces than the other methods. However, you can keep your kayak by spending the least amount of energy with these portable stands.

These stands are also perfect for kayakers who don’t like to drill holes in walls or other places to put their gadgets.


Now, we are hoping that you’ve earned enough knowledge on storing your kayak both indoors and outdoors. The best way to store the kayak should be simple and cost-efficient. They shouldn’t be so much expensive.

For this reason, we’ve tried to give you the easiest solution. If you have anything to say regarding our article, you can comment on the box below.

Thank you!

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