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How To Transport A Kayak

How To Transport A Kayak

Just imagine the situation. You are paddling down a river under a sweet summer sun. Your family members and pals are also with you. What will be the feeling? Heavenly, right!? This is the reason kayaking has become so much famous around the world. But, there’s a problem. Most kayakers don’t have any idea how to get their boar into the river.

It’s not a difficult task at all. Many kayakers take different approaches to take their boats into the river. Further, selecting the right tools and processes can save your money and prevent any type of damage to your beloved kayak. Here, we will discuss how to transport a kayak. Let’s go -

Transporting Your Kayak

The truth is transporting a kayak is really a very challenging task. When you start kayaking, you’ll understand the pain of it. Furthermore, if the manufacturing company transport the kayak into your house, the problem won’t solve.

The reason? You’ll have to safer and secure option to convey your kayak each time when you are out for paddling.

Now, we are giving you some reliable ways to carry the kayak. Let’s check -

Transport a kayak with a vehicle

You can transport your beloved kayak with a vehicle. You know, people use different types of kayaks. Transport of a kayak may also deference depending on the type of kayak.

Here are the options -

On the truck

This is perhaps the most convenient option for you. You can push your little vehicle quite easily on the truck. After coming to the right place, you can take back the kayak with a rope by yourself.

Both loading and unloading is such an easy task if you use the truck. Moreover, your vehicle will be secured too.


If you have a particular instrument, you can use a trailer to convey your kayak. This is also a simple way to transport the river vehicle. On top of that, it is versatile and faster way too.

Car or SUV

This is the way most kayaking vehicle gets transported. But, putting a kayak over a car or SUV and picking them isn’t so easy task. You have to learn the way thoroughly. Otherwise, you could damage your kayak. While some vehicles are armed with a roof rack, others are not. So, better learn both ways.

These are the two main options to transport a kayak.

But, many people still doubt about transporting a kayak on the roof rack. The truth is it is actually a safer way. As long as the roof is secured with the car and it can carry the vehicle, you can be sure that your kayak is secured.

Types of Roof Racks

There are three types of roof racks. They are -

Side rails and crossbars

There are various SUVs system are available in shops. Most of them have the automatic installation of roof racks. These will have side rails for a frame, with multiple crossbars enclosing the width. If your car has such a system, then you don’t need to worry a bit. You can be relaxed.

Side rails only

Some vehicles only contain side rails. They don’t have any crossbars. However, some comprise both. If your conveyance doesn’t have any factory-installed crossbars, you need to purchase them. But, you have to ensure that the size of the crossbar matches the installation of the coach.

Eliminable roof racks

Those coaches which don’t contain any roof rack system, you can put an eliminable system. Further, these kinds of eliminable roof racks are perfect for cars like Sedan, which don’t have any roof racks.

Nevertheless, the removable roof racks are not that trustworthy. The materials are not too sturdy and durable. So, there’s a risk. You have to take that risk.

Accessories For Roof Racks

After having all the necessary tools for roof racks, it isn’t done yet. You still need some equipment. These appliances are crucial to transport a kayak on the roof rack.

They are -

  • Crossbars
  • Foam Blocks
  • Cam Strap
  • Saddles
  • J-Cradles
  • Bow and Stern lines rope

What’s the Way to Load a Kayak on a Roof Rack?

Now, you got the proper setup. You’re ready to go. It’s time to load your car.

Let’s check out the system -

  • It is pretty convenient to load a kayak with somebody. You can do it alone. But, doing with another person makes the job easy.
  • Both of you should lift the kayak at the same time.
  • After putting the kayak, you need to use a cam strap for each other of the crossbars.
  • Then you will arc that end under the crossbar before you fasten it in the buckle.

How to Transport a Kayak Without a Roof Rack

So, your car doesn’t possess a roof rack? Don’t worry. You can still transport a kayak without it.

Here, we are giving you some ways to do that -

Purchase an Inflatable Kayak

You could change the strategy a bit when you are absolutely sure that you won’t have any roof rack over your vehicle. In such a case, we will recommend you purchase an inflatable kayak. The reason is it’s so much easier to store inflatable kayaks.

You need a single bag to pack up an inflatable kayak. Therefore, it needs a significantly shorter space.

Use a Pickup

This is also the simplest way to carry a kayak. Use a pickup truck to convey the device. All you need to do is to put the kayak in the truck bed and secure it. That’s it. But, you have to open your eyes. The truck bed of the pickup could be full of dirt and residue.

So, better clean and spruce it up. You can lay a blanket or rubber mats on the truck bed. As a result, there will be no scratch on the kayak.

Trailer the Kayak

Kayak trailers don’t have specific sizes. They come in different sizes and capabilities. If you don’t want a roof rack, this will be the most proficient system to convey your kayak.

Loading The Kayak With Another Person

If you feel that it is possible to load the kayak with another person, then you should do that. Just distribute the weight of the kayak and take the responsibility evenly.

Loading The Kayak Solo

You can carry the kayak by yourself. It’s a damn challenging task. But, you can do it if you want. As it is a very hard task, you will need various equipment to do that. However, if you’re not that confident, we will suggest you skip it.

Securing a Kayak

Perhaps, you could hear stories or see by yourself in Hollywood films that kayak gets severely damaged due to the lack of discernment. The best way to skip such a horrific scenario is to regularly check out the boat while you’re on the trip. Furthermore, you can’t even be unaware while taking the kayak. Take proper measurements to keep the device safer.

Final Words

Before purchasing a kayak, this is one of the most important questions about how to transport it. If you don’t have the proper answer or planning regarding it, you should wait until you find the solution. We hope that you’ve earned enough knowledge of the various transporting methods of a kayak.

So, what’s your take on our article? Do you think it is good enough? You can share your opinion in the box below.

Happy kayaking!

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