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What Size Kayak Do I Need

What Size Kayak Do I Need?

Kayaking should be an outdoor adventure for all seasons. Whether you love fishing or exploring, kayaks provide flexibility in how far and when you want to go out on your boat. But it's important not to get too excited by these boating opportunities without addressing the question "what size kayak do I need?"

For tall people, a 12-foot recreational kayak or 14-foot sea is the right size. These boats have been designed to fit with your height and leg length in mind so that it's comfortable for you! This blog post will take care of that question with some helpful tips from experts who know their stuff inside and outside the water.

What Size Kayak Do I Need?

No doubt Kayak is a popular event. Also has many benefits of kayaking for fitness. Kayaks are available in a multitude of forms and sizes.

The dimensions of your kayak will be determined by the actions you want to participate in. if you’re over 6’0" then it might help to choose either a 12- or 14-foot recreational kayak with adjustable foot straps so your legs don’t touch when seated. Other variables, however, play a role in determining the appropriate kayak size.


Before you buy a kayak, decide what you want to accomplish with it. For instance, if it's for sea or ocean environments then something stable is required. Yet, when navigating rapids shorter and more maneuverable would be preferred so that fast turns can be made while paddling upstream quickly.

Width-length ratio

To kayak optimally, you need a boat that is both long enough and wide enough. However, it is important not only when choosing the size but also how well your vessel balances concerning its length or width since this will affect speed while on water.


For your kayaking experience to be as enjoyable and safe, you must find a vessel with ample legroom. This will ensure there's enough room for quick moves in an emergency without compromising on control.

The right fit should not feel tight or restrict movement at all too much to hinder mobility when needed most!

What Is the Volume of a Kayak?

Kayak makers began providing volume size information to assist consumers in determining how much space they might anticipate within any given boat.

When it comes to knowing the exact space that your kayak will take up, there are two measurements you need. The first being gallons or cubic feet which is how much water a boat can hold based on its size and weight.

A low-volume kayak: is meant for those who weigh less than 140 pounds and only measure at 5'6". It can seat up to four people and is perfect for day excursions with little gear.

The medium-volume kayak: is perfect for the average paddler who's between 140-180 pounds and 5'7" to around 5'10". It has sufficient room in it so you can take your sudden outing with essential equipment without being cramped.

The high-volume kayak" is perfect for larger paddlers who don't want to worry about packing their gear when they go out on the water. It has space enough and a weight limit of up to 180 pounds and 5.10” in height.

Volume labels and numbers on a kayak can be confusing to understand, but they're supposed to tell you the volume of room it has. However, this is relative for big or little paddlers alike!

Type of Kayak and Dimension

The best way to get the most out of your kayak is by understanding which type will be right for you. There are three types, all designed with specific uses in mind:

Recreational Kayaks

In addition to being a great way to spend an afternoon on the waters, sit-in recreational kayaks are also much more comfortable than their stand-up counterparts. The length and width vary depending upon which type you choose but they tend 20-36", with a width anywhere between 27" - 36".

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are built to be stable. When you're casting a fishing line and shuffling around on the boat, there mustn't be a risk of tipping over!

Sometimes anglers will be longer than recreational boats - increasing their lateral stability to provide protection from falls or capsize during these motions. They usually measure between 10 and 14 feet long, with a width of 42 inches wide

Sea and Touring Kayaks

Sea and touring kayaks are among the most popular types on lakes, oceans, or rivers. This is because they offer stability when crossing long distances of water with ease - perfect for exploring faraway places! Tandems can measure up 24 feet in length while sea-touring models usually range 12 to 20 ft., 18" wide (depending upon class).

Is A Longer or Shorter Kayak Better?

The choice between a short boat and a long one is mostly based on how you want to use your vessel. If space efficiency or the ability for storage are foremost in mind then go with the longer model.

However, if rapid turns at high speeds matter more than anything else do know that larger vessels will be faster. And that’s because of their higher surface area opposing water currents.

Which Is Safer Sit in or Sit On Kayak?

Paddling is a great way to explore your surroundings and enjoy life on the water. You may select between two types of kayaks: sit-inside and sit-on-top versions. However, they are equally safe because stability depends more so upon design factors like hull size/shape as opposed to how you're seated within it!


All the factors that affect your kayak’s performance can be daunting, but thankfully there are some universal features to look out for. Find where you will be taking it and what type of water this boat is best suited to make an informed decision on which model would suit both needs!

We hope that our article on “what size kayak do I need” comes in very handy for your better understanding. Ultimately, to find out which dimensions will make you happiest take into account where you plan to use it before making a decision!

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