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What To Wear Fishing

What To Wear Fishing

When did you last go fishing? Fishing is an outstanding way to spend leisure time. Ever since I moved to the city, I have missed this activity so much. When I was little, my cousins and I often used to go fishing with my father and uncles. Though this leisure activity is not practiced nowadays in our busy life schedule, we try to go for it when we go to my hometown.

However, besides being a skilled angler, you need to consider a few things, especially “what to wear fishing.” Not necessarily do you need any specialized dress for fishing like a beekeeper, but you certainly need to consider a few significant factors when you plan a daylong fishing program. So, let’s have a quick look at what you should wear besides your khaki shorts and tees.

What To Wear Fishing?

Here is a quick checklist of fishing accessories and clothing to ensure that you have everything you need before heading for fishing.

Quick Checklist:

  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Appropriate Footwear
  • Buff/Face Mask
  • Sunscreen Lotion or Cream
  • Wide Brim Hat
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Suitable Gloves
  • Fly Fishing Wader

What To Wear Fishing From A Boat?

The clothing for fishing on a kayak is more or less the same as on the shore. But some tips may help to endure the extra splash of water and the ghastly wind you are going to face on a fishing kayak or a boat that you may not face on the shoreline.

As you are fishing on a boat, there must be lots of splashing water. So, you must wear complete waterproof clothing, top to bottom, including boots. Take a set of extra clothing if possible as there is a chance of getting wet. And it will be a lot windier than on the shore. So, make sure to bring your windproof jacket as well, whether you are fishing in summer or winter.

Choose an appropriate boot for boating with a grippy rubber sole. Wear clothing that covers all your exposing body parts as the UV rays are more reflecting on the water. Also, take your polarized glasses and apply a good amount of sunscreen.

What To Wear Fishing In Cold?

Winter Fishing Checklist:

  • For winter fishing, you must include-
  •  Three Layer clothing
  •  Waterproof Pants
  •  Long Underpants/Sweatpants
  •  Wollen socks
  •  Earmuffs
  •  Gloves

You must cover yourself well when fishing in a cold environment. For cold-weather fishing, layering is important. You can create three layers of clothing for optimum warmth and comfort. The base layer, middle layer, and upper layer combined create an uninvadable winter outfit that is suitable for freezing temperatures. Wear a buff made from Merino Wool to beat the freezing temperature.

As a base layer, despite your gender, pick a long sleeve shirt. The wool or thermoplastic polymer is a better pick here instead of cotton. Choose a shirt that is well-fitted and comfortable. As the middle layer, you can wear fleece jackets.

Fleece or wool is a good insulator and will keep the warmth inside. And the top layer should be windproof and waterproof since you are fishing at a sub-zero temperature and won’t like to get wet.

Choose long thermal underpants for maximum comfort and warmth. It will work as a base clothing. On top of the underpants, wear a pair of long thermal pants. And it will be a bonus if the pants are waterproof, even if you are fishing shoreline.

What To Wear Fishing In Warm/Humid Weather?

Summer Fishing Checklist:

  • For summer fishing, you must include-
  •  Breathable clothing with sun protection
  •  Breathable slippers or sandals
  •  Shorts or Breathable Long Pants

In summer, the scorching sun is up there to burn you down. But appropriate clothing can reduce the effect. Wear breathable, UV protective, long sleeve tops with waterproof pants or shorts.

You can also wear long pants when you fish all day long, and it gets colder in the evening. The pants can be folded up to the knees and used as shorts. You can also try the zipped version that is available on the market.

What To Wear Fishing In Rain?

Fishing Checklist For Rainy Day:

For fishing on a rainy day, you have to wear all the necessary clothing for the appropriate weather along with the following things-

  • Raincoat
  •  Waterproof boots

As a rain covering, use a raincoat made of PVC. It is a lightweight material that is not breathable. So, if you use it during the summer, make sure to wear a cotton baseliner too to soak up the moisture.

And if you have to use it in winter, wear proper thermal winter clothing under the raincoat for necessary warmth. Take an extra set of your clothes.

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Other Accessories To Wear While Fishing

Besides the clothing, you must wear some accessories to make the fishing activity more fun. You can consider including- socks, boots, gloves, sunglasses, a hat, and a chest wader in your fishing wardrobe.

  • Footwear (Socks and Shoes)
  • Socks

Polyester is the best material to wear on a warm day because polyester shoes soak up the excess moisture from your feet. Cotton may not be a wise choice. It will soak up moisture and become soggy and heavy.

And you can use polyester socks as a base layer when winter fishing. They dry out faster and do not make the feet feel heavy or soggy if they get wet. Neoprene is also a comfortable and lightweight material and can be worn when you are wet fishing. However, you may need a base layer for it since the material is not breathable.

As the weather gets colder, you can pick a thicker material. Wear long woolen socks when fishing in cold weather. But consider picking an oversized shoe when you are about to stuff your feet with woolen shoes.

They may not fit in your regular boots. Merino wool is the best choice here to provide the most warmth. Also, it is a breathable material.


In summer, you can wear open shoes or sandals. Open sandals are comfortable to wear on hot summer days. They are breathable, and you can wet your feet if you like.

Since fishing socks can have a padded bottom and top, you may need an oversized pair of shoes. Rubber boots are not the most comfortable option in winter. They may keep the water away and have a proper grip but are unable to give proper warmth.

When choosing a shoe or boot for fishing, avoid felt soles. Rubber soles are a good option since they have a good grip. Felt is not an environmentally-friendly material. And are illegal to wear while fishing in water bodies in some states (Maryland, Alaska, Missouri, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Yellowstone).

Moreover, they take more time to dry than rubber soles, even though they have a better grip on slippery rocks.


Gloves are an integral part of fishing accessories. They are not only important for winter fishing campaigns but also summer fishing as well. When you catch a fish without gloves, there is a chance that you might slip it from your hand.

A pair of gloves helps you have a firm grip on the slippery fish. On top of that, it saves you from the bite of the fish or sharp objects like the line or hook.

In summer, fingerless gloves might be best for you. The fingerless gloves have a covering for your palms while keeping the fingers free for activities. Also, the gloves give protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

And it becomes easier to hold the fish with the gloves on than bare hands. Besides, you don’t need to put unnecessary pressure on the fish that could harm the fish.

In winter, when you are fishing at a freezing temperature, you will most definitely need thick, warm gloves. Otherwise, your hands may get frozen, and you may get frostbites. To prevent that, a pair of fleece gloves are the best possible choice.

Though fleece is not a water-resistant component, it can provide warmth as a base layer. For the cover, you can use nylon gloves.

Nylon gloves are more water-resistant than fleece, also more durable. Therefore, they are also preferable for other winter activities besides winter fishing.


A pair of good polarized sunglasses are a mandatory piece of fishing accessories. You have to spend most of the time under the sun. Besides giving you a funky look, they block the light waves from a smooth water surface and let you see the prey properly.


A well-covering hat is necessary to stand under the sun all day long. The preference is yours whether you choose a simple ball cap or a hard hat liner. However, we suggest picking a lightweight wide brim hat for breathability and getting the most protection from sunlight.

If the sun is too hot, you can add a buff/face mask to your fishing checklist.


Sunscreen is a must-wear item when you are fishing all day under the sun, whether it is summer or winter. Apply a thick layer of sun cream on the exposed portions of your skin. You must reapply every two to three hours to get the most benefit out of it.

Fly Fishing Wader and Belt

Wader is an angling garment that includes boots and pants in one piece. It is worn when you are about to get down to the water. Chest waders are more common for angling. However, you can pick a waist wader if you plan to stay closer to the shore.

The wader is made of Neoprene, a synthetic, durable, and waterproof material. PVC is another suitable option for waders.

You have to wear a breathable base layer under the water so that you don’t feel soggy inside. You can pick a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt to pair with the chest wader.

Make sure to choose a proper wading belt made from quality material. It helps to hold the wader in place, fit snugly to your body, and prevent water from entering inside even if you fall in the water.

Otherwise, the chest wader will be filled with water, and it will be difficult for you to walk with that.


Fishing is an exciting activity in any weather or season. But being in a comfortable outfit is a must for it. But not necessarily you have to have all the items on our checklist before going fishing.

You can have the basics on the first round and build your wardrobe with fishing gears over time. And there are fishing garments brands who design particularly for women.

You can check out that as well.

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